Happy Capital Limited  

is one of the fast growing trading companies in the consumer electronic industry.   Apart from others, we offer the widest selection of telecommunication equipments, digital devices, and their related accessories.  Our business engages in retails market and wholesales distribution.  In order to achieve both efficient and effectiveness for our business, the state of art of the ERP system has been implemented into our operation in the year 2006.  Hence, we not only can maintain good control on our inventory, but also we can keep good record of our customer’s sales.  

Customer’s satisfaction is the key factor for our success. Our
well trained employees always provide supply chain management
solutions to our multi-national customers. We strive to maintain
good relationship and trust with our customers, so that “before and
selling service is very important to us. We communicate
blatantly and effectively, because we believe open and trustworthy
dialog with internal and external partners enhances business
opportunities and builds trust.